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Graffiti has become a major blight across the country.  Its appearance can give the impression that the area is prone to crime and disorder, increasing fear of crime. Rapid removal of graffiti is key to tackling the problem before it gets out of hand

However, the sad truth is that many of the graffiti removal products available on the market today simply do not work. They range from “eco-friendly” solutions that won’t remove the paint through to harsh chemicals which are difficult to handle and can damage sensitive surfaces.

Using effective, biodegradable and REACH compliant chemicals, Graffiti Removal (South) Ltd can remove remove stubborn paint and marker pen graffiti from any surface without leaving a trace or ghost and without causing damage. Crucially, our system does not rely on high pressure jetting or abrasives to remove graffiti, ensuring sustainable removal time after time.

  • NO soda blasters or abrasives
  • NO damage to existing surfaces or the environment
  • NO dark shadows or ghosting
  • NO more graffiti!

The gentle but effective cleansing ability of our chemicals and techniques lends itself particularly to heritage and historical buildings, where many other systems can leave buildings and monuments irreparably damaged.

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